Great Prizes!

Compete in 3 categories for over 2.500€ worth of prizes!

Unlimited Fun!

Create new things that will change the world! Make new friends! Two days of fun!

Tasty Food!

All you can drink soda, coffee, water and tea! And let's not forget all the tasty food!


Our world is becoming a connected mesh of devices. This hack-a-thon embraces our new connected world. During this event you will have access to some of the coolest, new consumer-level IoT (Internet-of-Things) devices. You will be able to work with these devices to create new innovations that will impress your peers (and hopefully the judges). Over the course of 36 hours, you will engage with your team, be mentored by experts in the area, and finally display your results for a chance to win big!

When And Where?

Impact Hub, Makedonska 21, Belgrade

27. & 28. October


Get your hands on the prize by working with any of the hackable devices available at the event!

Meebo 2.0 Robot

Meebo gives you the mobility and the tools for a winning solution!

Samsung SmartThing Hub

Home automation solution from Samsung might just be your pick for task. Few sensors included.

Lego App-Controlled Batmobile

Have fun assembling and using the awesome modularity of Lego tech in your project!

Google Home Mini

Invent the best or the most innovative solution using the Google Home API or any tool you prefer!

Nanoleaf Aurora

Express your ideas using a colorful Nanoleaf Aurora panels and their awesome programmable abilities!

Raspberry Pi 3

Make use of the Raspberry Pi and its wide varieties of modules and sensors available at Hackathon!

Amazon Echo Dot

The second champion of voice assistants on the market; With the ability to run thousands of apps and custom actions, you'll have plenty of options to present your ideas.

Nest Camera

1080p/30fps - Wieless Network surveillance camera with a few more interesting capabilities...

Eufy RoboVac 11S Robotic Vacuum

Ever wondered why robots hate it when you tell them they "suck"? Give this vacuum robot a new life using its many functions!

Hack the World Categories!


This prize category awards the greatest innovation that is presented. We look at what the coding actually does, and less at how it looks. A new way of using a standard device? A cool use of a couple of devices used together? The world is your oyster in this category. We are looking for something different, something cool, something new... the best innovation. 1.000€ is your prize, should you come up with the best innovation.

Customer Facing

This prize category awards the best looking, most easily interacted with coding project. Build something that wows the judges. Make your project easy to use. In this category we are looking for the best user interface, for the customer as you have defined her. Make it easy to use, intuitive, powerful, and beautiful. 1.000€ is your prize, should you come up with the best customer-facing project.

Fan Favorite

This category makes its first appearance in a Serbian hack-a-thon. This is where your peers decide who gets the prize. During the demonstration period (which is also a meetup open to the general public) other teams and attendees will receive a voting form. The crowd will decide. The only rule is, you cannot vote for your own project. Who wins is completely at the hands of the people. Watch as we crowdsource the award. Everyone who registers a vote for a project receives an opportunity to win one of our awesome door prizes. 500€ will be given to the project that is selected by the crowd.

Competition Agenda

October 27th

Day 1

08h00 Registration
09h45 Launching Event Into Space
10h00 Coding Begins
13h00 Lunch Punch!
14h00 Space Race Continues
18h30 Dine And Dash
19h30 Race Goes On

October 28th

Day 2

00h30 Late-Night Snack
06h30 Breakfast
12h30 Lunch
16h30 Coding Ends/Beer is Served
17h00 Meetup and Demonstrations
18h30 Judging/Tally of Crowd Votes
19h00 Awards
Apply below. If you have an assembled team, each member should enter the same name. If you don't have four team members, it's ok! We will assign singles to teams with less than four, and create entire teams from singles. NCR employees are welcome to compete, however, no more than one NCR employee can be on any one team.

Make sure you bring your own Laptop/Tools that you plan to use in the project!